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Clinical Profile of Patients with Fibroadenoma of Breast

Aims and Objectives: To study the clinical profile of patients with fibroadenoma of breast. Methods and Materials: Fifty cases with histologically diagnosed cases of fibroadenoma were included in the study and were compared with previous data from literature. Result: All the fifty patients included in this study were indoor patients. Maximum number of patient were in third decade [64%]. Urban females have higher incidence of fibroadenoma [72%]. Most fibroadenoma are unilateral [86%]. Fibroadenoma are commonly present in upper lateral quadrant of breast [34%]. Large sized fibroadenoma are common [58%]. Pericanalicular pattern is most common histopathological finding [84%]. Surgical excision is the commonest mode of treatment [36%]. Conclusion: Fibroadenoma are common in third decade, urban female population. Fibroadenoma are usually unilateral, large size, pericanalicular, type situated in upper lateral quadrant.


Santhosh Laxman

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