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Dig and Chop Modified Nuclear Disassembly Technique for Hard Cataract

Introduction: Phacoemulsification (phaco) in hard cataracts remains a challenge and many modified techniques have been described to facilitate nuclear disassembly in these cases. This study was conducted to describe and evaluate the modified dig and chop technique for nuclear disassembly in hard cataract.

Patients and Methods: A prospective non-randomized case series study was conducted in the period from April 2016 till June 2017 at Ophthalmology Department, Menoufia University Hospitals, Egypt. The study included 30 patients suffering from hard cataracts. All cases underwent phaco cataract surgery with dig and chop modified technique for nuclear disassembly.

Results: The mean effective phaco time was 12.98 ± 1.53 seconds (range 8.55 to 14.18 seconds) without significant difference in effective phaco time as regard to degree of nuclear hardness (P=0.537), which ensure the effectiveness of the technique. Post operative assessment of visual acuity at 1, 7 and 30 days reveled that eyes with uncorrected visual acuity 0.5 or better accounted for 73.3%, 80.0% and 86.7% from all case respectively.

Conclusion: Dig and Chop modified nuclear disassembly technique for of hard cataract was found to be effective, controllable, and easy to perform technique that minimize effective phaco time and allow safe nucleus disassembly for hard cataracts.


Hesham M. Elmazar

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