Early view Articles

Case ReportCountry: Ireland

A Middle Age Woman with the Episodes of Excruciating Pain in the Neck and Ear


Ashfaque Memon, Adil Samad and Katherine Finan

doi: 10.26502/acmcr.96550026

Pages: 65 - 67

Case ReportCountry: Turkey

A Case with Tumor, Tuberculosis and Chylothorax


Kubra Asik Cansiz, Tuncer Tug, Suat Konuk, Haci Ali Kilicgun and Suphi Aydin

doi: 10.26502/acmcr.96550027

Pages: 68 - 74

Case ReportCountry: Colombia

Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria and Severe Dengue Coinfection in a Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patient: Case Report and Literature Review


Mino-Bernal Jorge Fernando, Martinez Juan Camilo and Montenegro Ibarra Angela

doi: 10.26502/acmcr.96550029

Pages: 82 - 89

Research ArticleCountry: China

The Surgical Treatment of Lumbar Brucellar Spondylitis Byposterior Approach


Tian Ye, Yang Xinming

doi: 10.26502/acmcr.96550030

Pages: 90 - 100

Case ReportCountry: Australia

A Case of Large Gastric Trichobezoar: Case Report and Review of Literature


Anthony Lamanna, Ankur Sidhu, Jonathan Foo, Ahmad Aly

doi: 10.26502/acmcr.96550031

Pages: 101 - 105