Mano Shanmuganathan published latest article in Irish journal of medical science entitled Prenatal surgery for spina bifida: a therapeutic dilemma. Proceedings of the SHINE conference Belfast. This article is available in PubMed with an unique identification number PMID: 29101642 and it is published in 2017. The coauthors of this article are Shanmuganathan M, Sival DA, Eastwood KA, Morris K, Cartmill J, Heep A, Bohosiewicz J, Pastuszka A, Hunter A, Ali A, McConnell R, Crimmins D, Malone F, Bailie C, Deprest J, McKillop C, Alfirevic Z, McAuliffe F, Ong S.

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Article Title: Prenatal surgery for spina bifida: a therapeutic dilemma. Proceedings of the SHINE conference, Belfast.

Co-Author(s): Shanmuganathan, M; Sival, DA; Eastwood, KA; Morris, K; Cartmill, J; Heep, A; Bohosiewicz, J; Pastuszka, A; Hunter, A; Ali, A; McConnell, R; Crimmins, D; Malone, F; Bailie, C; Deprest, J; McKillop, C; Alfirevic, Z; McAuliffe, F; Ong, S

Affiliation(s): Department of Neurosurgery, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, UK.

PMID 29101642, Year 2017

Abstract: This is a transcript of a scientific conference on the subject of prenatal surgery for spina bifida. It represents the views of three patients, an obstetrician, a postnatal neurosurgeon, a neonatologist, a paediatric neurologist, two surgeons who practice open spina bifida foetal surgery, a fetoscopic surgeon and an obstetrician experienced in randomised trials and systematic reviews. Implications for current practice and recommendations for future research are also discussed in detail.

Journal: Irish journal of medical science

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