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Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health (JESPH) is wide scope open access peer-reviewed scientific journal for research scientists in areas of environmental sciences and public health. JESPH publishes editorials, original articles, research notes, reviews, commentary, Case report and short communications in the interdisciplinary area of environmental health sciences and public health.

Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health covers the area in environmental science health, toxicology and mutagenesis, medicine public health, environmental pollution, environmental and occupational health, environmental chemistry and biology, pollution and human risk assessment, ecological human risk assessment, wastes management in air, water, and soil, solid and hazardous waste management, heavy metals and organic compounds in the environment, atmospheric pollutants and trace gases, biodegradation and bioremediation, environmental impact assessment and industrial ecology.


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Current Issue Articles

Research Article

Optimization of Parameters for Sugar Releasing from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Author(s): Jwan J Abdullah, Roger N Ibbett, Darren Greetham, Chenyu Du and Gregory A. Tucker
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120025

Pages: 1 - 23

Research Article

Comparative Study of Habits in Scholar Students before and During His University Studies in Spain

Author(s): Iglesias MT, Cuesta E
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120026

Pages: 24 - 35

Research Article

Socio-ecological Impacts of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) Under Dry Climatic Conditions: The Case of Shagashe River in Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Author(s): Chapungu L, Mudyazhezha OC and Mudzengi B
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120027

Pages: 36 - 52

Research Article

Using DNA Barcoding Technique to Identify Some Scleractinian Coral Species along the Egyptian Coast of the Red Sea and Southern of Arabian Gulf

Author(s): Mohammed Ahmed Sadek, Mohammed Ismail Ahmed, Fedekar Fadel Madkour and Mahmoud Hasan Hanafy
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120028

Pages: 53 - 63

Review Article

An Exploration into Wind Turbines, Their Impacts and Potential Solutions

Author(s): Hiwa Mohammad Qadr
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120029

Pages: 64 - 69