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Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health (JESPH) is wide scope open access peer-reviewed scientific journal for research scientists in areas of environmental sciences and public health. JESPH publishes editorials, original articles, research notes, reviews, commentary, Case report and short communications in the interdisciplinary area of environmental health sciences and public health.

Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health covers the area in environmental science health, toxicology and mutagenesis, medicine public health, environmental pollution, environmental and occupational health, environmental chemistry and biology, pollution and human risk assessment, ecological human risk assessment, wastes management in air, water, and soil, solid and hazardous waste management, heavy metals and organic compounds in the environment, atmospheric pollutants and trace gases, biodegradation and bioremediation, environmental impact assessment and industrial ecology.


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Current Issue Articles

Research Article

Prevalence of Childhood Developmental Delay in Child under 5 Years Old Living in Ulaanbaatar

Author(s): Narantuya B, Chimedsuren O and Lkhagvasuren Ts
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120013

Pages: 134 - 138

Research Article

Water and Hygiene Quality in the Borgop-Cameroon Refugee Camp and its Potential Adverse Impacts on Environment and Public Health

Author(s): Zakari Aretouyap, Essambeh Osang Liku, Lin Bernard Nka, Joel Enoka Bagnem, and Edgard Abesso Zambo
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120014

Pages: 139 - 150

Research Article

Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Changes in Land Uses and its Implications to the Conservation of Eastern Selous-Niassa Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCA)

Author(s): Adili Y. Zella, Saria Josephat, and Yohana Lawi
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120015

Pages: 151 - 166

Research Article

The Application of Fungi for Bioleaching of Municipal Solid Wastes for the Production of Environmental Acceptable Compost Production

Author(s): Jwan J Abdullah, Amina Ahmed El-Imam, Darren Greetham, Chenyu Du and Gregory A. Tucker
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120016

Pages: 167 - 194

Research Article

Determination of Benzo(a)pyrene Levels in Smoked Clarias gariepinus and Heterotis niloticus in Hadejia Jigawa State and Geriyo Adamawa State

Author(s): Sogbesan Olukayode Amos and Usman Muhammed Sambo
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120017

Pages: 195 - 201

Research Article

Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Activities on Production and Management of Seafood in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Author(s): Udotong JIR, Udoudo UP and Udotong IR
doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120018

Pages: 202 - 228