Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health


ISSN: 2575-9612

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Review Article Open Access Pages: 160 - 167 China

The Ecological Effects of Oil Mitigation Associated with Environmental Risk

Sylvia Adipah

Petroleum spills and other sources of hydrocarbons contamination represent risks for society. Regardless of whether oil is stranded on a shoreline, spilled from a pipeline, or leaked from underground storage tanks, the same physical and chemical properties characteriz...Read More

doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120035
Research Article Open Access Pages: 168 - 178 China

Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Contaminated Soil by Fenton’s Oxidation

Sylvia Adipah

The study was conducted by Fenton oxidation to efficiently remove contaminants from total petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil. IR spectrometry was used to determine the TPH level during soil treatments. In Fenton reaction, using hydrogen peroxide as the catalyst t...Read More

doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120036
Review Article Open Access Pages: 179 - 187 China

Introduction of Human Health associated with Risk Assessment

Sylvia Adipah

The study of this paper is to understand health effects associated with food, water and air. Large number of people faces certain dangers leading to environmental risk. Risk assessment must be put in place to deal with risk-health related issues. Policy makers must ha...Read More

doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120037
Research Article Open Access Pages: 188 - 195 Czech Republic

Quality of Vegetables in Central Europe Region

Veronika Rezacova, Nikola Jancova

The quality of vegetables can be assessed by numbers of viewpoints. One of them is the monitoring of the content of hazardous substances included nitrates. High nitrate levels cause methemoglobinemia or blue baby syndrome; a condition found especially including in inf...Read More

doi: 10.26502/jesph.96120038