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Journal of Healthcare and Technology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal promotes cutting edge research on innovation in healthcare maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in human beings.

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The scope and aims give special focus to management issues arising from the free movement of patients, personalised medicine, e-health, and the related new challenges of tailoring treatment modelling to the individual patient. The journal mainly deals with health care topics like

Acute/Emergency Care. Advanced inpatients care, Advanced medical investigation and treatment, Chronic care, Critical care, Disease prevention, Early diagnosis, E-commerce, supply chain, management, operations management in healthcare, Economics and financial management of HC/HCT, Emergency, perioperative and intensive care, Experimental medicine, Globalisation, technology transfer and licensing, Government policies and HC/HCT management, Health assessment, Health care administration and regulation, Health care financing, Health care materials, Health informatics, Health Information, Health Policy, Health Services, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Delivery, Healthcare economics, management on macro/micro levels, Healthcare Ethics, Healthcare Facilities, Healthcare Financing, Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Quality, Healthcare Reform, Healthcare Systems, Healthcare technology management, technology assessment, Human resource management, organisation behaviour/theory and HC/HCT Laboratory and diagnostic procedures, Medical imaging, monitoring, support, Medical technology management, Medication management, Mental health, Morbidity and mortality, New product development and marketing and HC/HCT, Nursing Pediatric/neonates care, Primary care, Public Health, Quaternary care, R&D management, entrepreneurial management, innovation and HC/HCT, Relationship between health and healthcare, health and social care interface, Secondary care, Socio-economic burden of chronic care, Strategic management/organisation of healthcare/healthcare technology (HC/HCT), Tertiary care, Treatment and comprehensive strategies, Uncommon diagnostic or surgical procedures, etc.

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Current Issue Articles

Case Report

Full Recovery of the Patient With Bell’s Palsy Within Two to Six Weeks After Single Course of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy-Case Reports


Lauren Gorelick, Ayala Rozano-Gorelick

doi: 10.26502/jht001

Pages: 1 - 6