Journal's Aims & Scope

Journal of Healthcare and Technology (JHT) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal promotes cutting edge research on innovation in healthcare delivery, improvements in systems, processes, management, and applied information technology. Journal dedicated to providing healthcare leaders a vehicle for the exchange of advanced knowledge, innovative ideas of emerging technologies with the information they need to manage complex healthcare issues and to make effective strategic decisions among health care researchers.

The journal invites articles related to all aspects of Manuscripts are published in the following sections:

• Healthcare management
• Disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention
• New and emerging health policies
• Personalised medicine
• Cost-effective and efficient delivery of services
• Healthcare marketing
• Social marketing
• Healthcare systems development and reforms
• Healthcare related behaviours and compliance
• Disease management
• Information and communication technology
• Electronic patient records
• Funding and finance
• Health staff issues
• Public community
• Media relations
• Care redesign
• Applied health
• Payment innovation
• Managerial innovation
• Quality improvement research
• New training and education models
• Comparative delivery innovation

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