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Case Report Open Access Pages: 21 - 27 Russia

Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome During Pregnancy: Short Review and Case Report with a Favorable Outcome

N.A.Zharkin, M.E.Statsenko, M.M.Stazharova, N.A.Burova, S.A.Prokhvatilov, N.E.Kushniruk

The atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) is the most complex disease in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis among the thrombotic microangiopathy. The article describes the clinical case of a 32-year-old woman with an aHUS in 32 week of gestation. It is given t...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ogr.4560004
Research Article Open Access Pages: 28 - 32 UK

Nurse Led Follow Up: Is It The Best Way Forward for Post-Operative Endometriosis Patients?

R Mallick, Z Magama, C Neophytou, R Oliver, F Odejinmi

The benefits of nurse led follow-up are well documented in the wider literature and include higher patient satisfaction rates, improved information delivery and quicker discharge rates. Unfortunately there is a paucity of data when it comes to benign gynaecology and t...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ogr.4560005
Case Report Open Access Pages: 32 - 37 Greece

Paraffin Oil Pneumonitis During Pregnancy: A Case Report

Moles Athanasios, Fotopoulos Stavros, Cheirakis Emmanouil, Koronaios Vasilios, Kalousis Evangelos, Lintzeri Dimitra, Lazarescu Daria, Grigorakos Leonidas

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a rare occurrence in pregnant patients and, when it occurs, it usually raises diagnostic dilemmas as it is attributed to many causes. We present the case of a 32-year-old G1P0 woman at 31 weeks of gestation who was hospita...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ogr.4560006
Research Article Open Access Pages: 38 - 44 Spain

Impact of Group Prenatal Care Support on Breastfeeding Initiation Rates and Other Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes

Pau Nicolau, Susana Rodriguez, Paula Maso, Silvia Agramunt, Emerita Garcia, Assumpcio Sala, Mar Vernet-Tomas, Antonio Paya

Group prenatal care support has been studied in order to increase maternal and neonatal benefits, such as breastfeeding initiation rates, in front of standard care. In our area, especially in some high risk sub-groups, it could be an important intervention to improve ...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ogr.4560007
Research Article Open Access Pages: 45 - 50 India

Incidence, Management and Outcome of Atonic Postpartum Haemorrhage at Tertiary Care Hospital

Vidyadhar Bangal

Aim: To study incidence, management and outcome of atonic postpartum haemorrhage.

Methods: Cross sectional study design. Analysis of delivery data of one year at Pravara Rural Hospital.

Results: There ...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ogr.4560008
Research Article Open Access Pages: 51 - 64 India

Maternal Anthropometric measurements, Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index, and Fetal Growth Parameters - A Rural Experience

Surekha Tayade, Ritu Singh, Jaya Kore, Neha Gangane

Background: Low pre-pregnancy BMI is considered a marker for minimal nutrient reserves, fetal growth restriction and adverse pregnancy outcome. This study was conducted to evaluate the influence of pre pregnancy BMI on fetal growth parameters.
...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ogr.4560009
Case Report Open Access Pages: 65 - 71 India

Management of Giant Cervical Fibroid By “Hybrid Technique”

Kanika Chopra, Debasis Dutta, Kanika Jain

Cervical fibroids are a rarity as compared to fibroids arising from other parts of the uterus. These rare fibroids account for 1-2% of all fibroids. They arise from supravaginal or vaginal portion of cervix. They can be either anterior, posterior, central or lateral. ...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ogr.4560010

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