Fortune Journals offers reprint facility to the customers for their marketing and training needs. Reprints are customized, reproductions of articles printed on high-quality paper and can be used to distribute your articles with your colleagues or prospects at trade shows and conferences or at your library.

There are many ways to utilize reprints, in healthcare or pharmaceutical industry reprints are used when companies require reprints based on their research. They contact communication companies provide them with reprints.

The cost of reprints is calculated based on the number of pages, color or black and white quality and the quantity required.


Reprints require a minimum order of 50 copies.


For each reprint Title page covers are included. These covers include the journal's logo, article title, author name(s) and citation information printed on Journal cover page.


Reprints can be customized with additional information provided by the customer (including supplementary information published online), product codes or logos, as well as info about your project or organization, a CV/résumé, biography or advertisement. Additional fees may apply.

Fortune Journals offers reprint orders on entire issue or various selected articles published in the journal in large quantities.



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