Open Access Journals


Author Guidelines

Authors are encouraged to follow the standard guidelines provided by Fortune Journals while preparing their manuscripts. It is the responsibility of the authors to maintain accuracy and correct formatting of the References. Authors should cross check the Submission Checklist before submitting the final manuscript. Authors are encouraged in suggesting the reviewers in order to facilitate the quick peer-review process.

Transfer of Manuscript to other Fortune Journal

Editors may suggest that a manuscript may be best suitable to other Fortune Journal, now authors are encouraged to transfer their manuscript to the concerned journal without restarting entire peer-review process.

Peer-Review Process

Articles submitted to Fortune Journals are strictly peer-reviewed by experts in that particular field. The Editorial Office will start the double peer-review process with the help of Editor(s) and reviewers. Final decision provided by the Editor can be considered and accepted articles are properly proof edited and finally published with the approval of authors.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Submission must be the original work of the author/s that has not been published previously in any manner.
  2. Author/s should not submit their article simultaneously to other journals.
  3. It is Author’s responsibility to obtain necessary permissions from the sources and provide copies of documents to us. We will not be forced to sign on any copyright agreements.
  4. Author’s having all the copyrights about their published work.
  5. Author agrees to reproduce any copyrighted material.

For more information about journal specific author guidelines, please visit our journal pages.

Editor Guidelines

Fortune Journals is an Open Access publisher started in 2016 with the main aim to support the researchers by publishing their innovative ideas in an Open Access platform without considering publication fee. Fortune Journals having more than 200 eminent scientists as the Editors to facilitate the high quality articles can be published in the journals.

Manuscripts submitted to Fortune Journals are subject to double blind peer-review process, each manuscript is assigned to a particular Editor. Final acceptance, revision or rejection decision for a manuscript can be provided by the respective Editor.

The Editor-in-Chief is the head of the journal, and is mainly responsible for the scientific quality of the journal. EIC or Editorial board member should help Editorial office while submitting an application to any indexing services.

Guidelines for Reviewers

Manuscripts submitted to Fortune Journals are subjected to double blind peer-review process. In this process the reviewer’s names and author names are hidden, it is the traditional method of reviewing and is the most common type. Fortune Journals will follow the strict peer-review process and ensure to add high quality scientific works to the field of scholarly publication. Reviewers are encouraged to submit their recommendations to the Editor on whether a manuscript can be accepted, requires revisions or should be rejected.

  1. Reviewers are advised to follow the specific instructions before starting the peer review process to a manuscript.
  2. If any of the reviewer suspect the identity of the author(s) notify the journal office if this knowledge raises any potential conflict of interest.
  3. Reviewers are requested to notify the journal office immediately if they found any irregularities and have concerns about ethical aspects of the work, are aware of similarity between the manuscript.
  4. Reviewers are advised to do not prolong the review process intentionally, either by delaying the submission of their review comments to journal office or by requesting unnecessary additional information from the journal or author.
  5. Reviewers are advised to provide overall recommendation to a particlular manuscript in the form of Accept/Minor Revision/Major Revision/Reject with proper comments.
  6. All the recommendations are only visible to Editors and Editorial Office.