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The Article processing charges for journals mentioned in the below table.
Journal Name ISSN Article Processing Charges (USD)
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine 2572-9292 150 $
Archives of Clinical and Biomedical Research 2572-5017 150 $
Archives of Microbiology & Immunology ISSN: 2572-9365 100 $
Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research ISSN: 2578-1553 100 $
Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Disorders ISSN: 2572-519X 300 $
Archives of Clinical and Medical Case Reports ISSN: 2575-9655 300 $
Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health ISSN: 2575-9612 150 $
Journal of Cancer Science and Clinical Therapeutics ISSN: 2637-5079 200 $
Journal of Surgery and Research 200 $
Journal of Pediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health 50 $ Only
Archives of Veterinary Science and Medicine 20 $ Only
Fortune Journal of Health Sciences 20 $ Only
Dental Research and Oral Health 20 $ Only
Archives of Internal Medicine Research 20 $ Only
Obstetrics and Gynecology Research ISSN: 2637-4560 100 $
Journal of Analytical Techniques and Research 20 $ Only
Archives of Nephrology and Urology 20 $ Only
Journal of Ophthalmology and Research 20 $ Only
Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedicine 20 $ Only
Journal of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 20 $ Only
Journal of Nanotechnology Research 20 $ Only
Journal of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine 20 $ Only
Anesthesia and Critical Care 20 $ Only
Journal of Women's Health and Development 20 $ Only
Journal of Spine Research and Surgery 20 $ Only
Journal of Radiology and Clinical Imaging 20 $ Only
Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Research 20 $ Only
Archives of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 20 $ Only
Fortune Journal of Rheumatology 20 $ Only