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Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells in Vitro

Author(s): Mengmeng Li, Baiqin Zhao, Lei Han, Hongliang Wang, Jiaqiao Li, Zhen Wang, Xiao Chen and Xin Huang

In this study, we compared the cellular morphology over time under different culture conditions and the effect of UV irradiation on cells elucidated the morphological characteristics of UV induced apoptosis. It was shown that UV radiation could penetrate the culture medium to reach the irradiated cells and induce DNA mutations at a small dose. Culture medium might contribute to maintain physiological responses of adherent cell. After irradiation, cells responded differently under different culture conditions. Apoptosis in the medium was dose-dependent on UV, and morphological changes began with darkening of the nucleus and then the appearance of membrane blebs at the cell edges. When there was no medium, the organelles of irradiated cells migrated from the periphery of the nucleus to the edge of the cell, and irradiation of cells containing medium did not show migration of the organelles. In temperature experiments, the cell membrane of high temperature treated cells broke, and the cells maintained the physiological activity at low temperature for a period of time.

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