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Influence of using Pomegranate Peel Silage in Rations of Dairy Cows on their Productive Performance

Author(s): El-Morsy AM, Shoukry MM, Soliman SM, Soliman MM

This study was implemented to evaluate the effect of a partial replacement of the whole corn plant silage (WCS) with the pomegranate peel silage (PPS) treated with enzymes mixed (ZYMOGEN) or lactic acid bacterial inoculants (Inoculant 1188) on the nutrients digestibility and the productive performance of dairy cows. In the first experiment, two stacks from PPS and WCS prepared, and WCS replaced by PPS at 25:75, 50:50, and 75:25, respectively, for forming three rations. The second experiment was carried out with twenty lactating crossbred Friesian cows in four similar groups (5 cows/per group): the control group fed on as fed a ratio consisting of WCS. G1 (WCS replaced with untreated PPS at level 50:50), G2 (WCS replaced with PPS treated with bacterial inoculants at level 50:50), and G3 (WCS replaced with PPS treated with ZYMOGEN at level 50:50). The results showed CP, NFE, and lactic acid values were highest, while NDF, ADF, pH values, and the concentration of NH3-N and acetic acid were lowest in all groups of treated PPS. The digested coefficients, nutrient values, ruminal fluid fermentation of TVFAs and acetic acid, milk yield, 4% FCM, milk composition and blood protein values were higher, and rumen pH and NH3N values were lower in Groups 2 and 3 relative to the other groups. It concluded that using treated or untreated pomegranate peel is safe in dairy cows feeding at a level of 20 %. Supplementation of ZYMOGEN or inoculant 1188 to PPS improved the fermentation and nutritive quality of silage.

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