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Full Recovery of the Patient With Bell’s Palsy Within Two to Six Weeks After Single Course of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy-Case Reports

Bell’s palsy (BP) is the one of the most common causes of facial nerve neuropathy cause facial paralysis. Etiology of the BP is not known. Diagnosis made according to anamnestic data and clinical examination. Other pathology as CVA, Lyme disease, viral infection, brain tumors must be excluded. A degree of nerve damage graduate according to modified House-Brackmann score. Corticosteroids, antiviral therapy, symptomatic treatment, physiotherapy, alternative medicine and surgical intervention, in some severe cases with residual palsy, are the treatments of choice. About 70% of patients had a full recovery and in some cases without any treatment. However, 30% had residual damage to the facial nerve, and functional disability and 12% have a recurrence. In the article, authors present new treatment modality known as Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST®) that was applied as management for severe pain around the ear of the affected side and surprisingly cased for full recovery of two patients with BP between two to six weeks after treatment.


Lauren Gorelick, Ayala Rozano-Gorelick

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