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Telemedicine-Guided Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in A COVID-19 Patient Admitted to a Field Hospital

Author(s): Iuri R. Magalhaes, Tarso A. D. Accorsi, Fernando G. Scarpanti, Karine De Amicis Lima, Renata A. Morbeck, Carlos H. S. Pedrotti, Eduardo Cordioli

Introduction: Telemedicine offers instrumental support in the COVID-19 pandemic, helping restructure overloaded health systems. However, there exists a paucity of evidence regarding the feasibility and aid offered by telemedical consultation during life-threatening situations.

Narrative: This paper is a case report of a confirmed COVID-19 66-year-old female admitted to a field hospital who evolved with an unstable condition and suffered a cardiac arrest. All data were collected through a retrospective analysis of the medical records and relevant information is presented. General practitioners assisted the patient during cardiac arrest, helped remotely by a cardiologist, who orientated the ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) protocol review.

Discussion: A telemedicine-guided tension pneumothorax diagnosis was made, allowing timely drainage. The patient recovered through spontaneous circulation; post-cardiac arrest management was also remotely guided and there was progressive recovery. This case demonstrates that low-cost and easy-access specialist teleconsultation may be feasible and effective to improve protocol-adherence even in extreme situations and can be expanded in several scenarios.


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