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The description of Viruses according to Vibrational Herbal Medicine and the laws of Ancient Wisdom

Article Information

Almoez LeDin Ellah M. S. Eltouny*

The National Center for Research, Egypt

*Corresponding Author: Dr. Almoez LeDin Ellah M. S. Eltouny, The National Center for Research, Egypt 

Received: 22 April 2019; Accepted: 24 May 2019; Published: 01 July 2019

Citation: Almoez LeDin Ellah M. S. Eltouny. The description of Viruses according to Vibrational Herbal Medicine and the laws of Ancient Wisdom. Archives of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 3 (2019): 113-126.

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The use of Vibrational Herbal Medicine as a means of study of disease and means of treatment has led us to describe what "ailment" means when describing it in vibrational terms. This has led to other descriptions for Viruses. It appears that some distinction is needed to describe a simple complex virus and another virus that needs more elucidation because its structure does not conform to the traditional description of a virus in normal circumstances. Other ailments, such as what is referred to as an Auto Immune disease, may be another type of very complex virus systems containing several main complex virus systems. The differentiation of such viruses may be done by comparing their energy characteristics to determine what type of virus it may be.


Herbal medicine, Virus, Diabetes, Rheumatoid, Multiple sclerosis 

Article Details

1. Introduction

A-In 1995, after an extensive research on the origins of Chinese Herbal Medicine, I was not totally convinced of their description of the energies flowing in the body Energy Meridians. It became clear to me that something was missing in their practices. It appeared that the practitioners had no method of measuring the increase or decrease of the energy of that particular part or organ of the body, they appeared to be measuring. This may have led to the presence of another three energy groups that I could not, through my own endeavors find. During my search for the origins of Chinese and Ancient Egyptian Herbal Medicine, I was amazed to discover that many of the Herbs that were mentioned in both cultures had very similar qualities and appeared as being used in the same manner. It was also surprising to find that even when the qualities of herbs were being described as hot, cold, damp, wet or dry, in other cultures such as the Celtic, Roman and Greek, their uses were very similar in all cultures. It was also evident, as there were no clues to the contrary, that no-one could measure the degree of the quality exhibited by the herb. The only culture which could describe and measure the changes was that of the Ancient Egyptians [1]. The measurement tool was a Pendulum. The one most used was the universal Pendulum. The Louvre Museum in Paris, France has a whole display of different type of Pendulums, exhibited in one section of the museum. The French scientist "Chaumery"[2], introduced us to the energy vibrations detected by the Ancient Egyptians, and indicated how many types of energies were there.

Through our research into herbs, we discovered that each herb or plant had its own unique energy signature. In addition, each was designated as one of five types:

  1. Fire
  2. Earth
  3. Water
  4. Air (Wind)
  5. Neutral

Although the above characterization of herbs and plants was well known throughout thousands of years, nothing was mentioned of the characteristics of the energies of such herbs. It became imperative to prove or disprove such theory. The theory was studied and documented and published in a paper published in Prescott, Arizona [1].

2. Some of the Laws of Ancient Wisdom

2.1 Life is energy and everything is alive in the Universe

2.1.1 Plants or herbs are categorized in the following types:

  1. Fire type
  2. Earth type
  3. Air(wind) type
  4. Water type
  5. Neutral

2.1.2 Human beings are categorized in the following types:

  1. Fire type
  2. Earth type
  3. Air type
  4. Water type

These are four main types of Energy:

“Chi” or “Qui” denoted by Q which is potential-neutral,

“Yin” denoted by “Yn” is a feminine energy,

“Yang” denoted by “Yg” is a masculine energy,

“Omega” denoted by “Ω” is a neutral energy of wellbeing.

The Ancient Egyptians knew these energy types, but we are uncertain of their Ancient Egyptian names. We prefer to use the Chinese labels as they are well recognized all over the world. Herbs have energy types as above, but are sub grouped. An Herb can contain all of the four types of energy, two, three or one. Energy can be positive or negative.

Herbs can contain all positive and all negative energies or some positive and some negative energy. Healing quality in herbs does not depend on the chemical qualities of the herb, but on the quality and quantity of the energy of the herb or the mixture of herbs.

The effective healing quality in herbal mixtures does not depend on the chemical qualities of the ingredients of the mixture, nor on the chemical properties of the mixture, but on the resultant energy qualities and quantities of the mixture.

2.2 Herbal mixtures can be as follows

  1. Fire type
  2. Earth type
  3. Air type
  4. Water type
  5. Neutral type or
  6. Fire, air, earth, water and neutral together.

The effective healing quality in herbal mixtures depends on the presence of one, two, three or four healing vibration energies. Each organ of the body is characterized by a group or groups of energy, i.e. “Q”, “Yn”, “Yg”, “Ω” is one group. Some organs have many energy groups controlling different functions for that organ. Healthy organs indicate a specific level of energy. Malfunction or illness of an organ is indicated by a change in the energies of the organ.

A cure of an organ occurs when the organ regains its healthy energy levels. A virus is a living being and has a characteristic energy pattern.

A bacterium is a living being and has a characteristic energy pattern. Energy patterns in the human body are different for men than for women. Males have the right half “Yang” and the left “Yin”, while women have the right half “Yin” and the left “Yang”. Same organs in men and women have opposite energy characteristics. Herbal mixture cures for men are different from herbal mixture cures for women, in a specific level of treatments. However, our treatments are for all male and female types, without distinction. Although some older cures may help both sexes, they usually are effective in a large number of one sex and a smaller number in the other sex. When a virus attacks an organ, the energy of the organ changed from the norm. Herbal mixtures to effect healing must have at least one of four healing vibrations. Each healing vibration corresponds to one human type, i.e., Fire, Earth, Wind or Water.

3. Definitions of Ailments In Vibrational Herbal Medicine

  • Non viral ailments
  • In theory, an ailment or a disease may be described as an increase or a decrease in the energy of the body of the patient, controlling the ailment or the organ involved, or the presence of a new energy in the body describing this new ailment. Theoretically, by eliminating this new energy, either the condition of the body will improve or the ailment be cured, partially or totally, in the body of the patient.

  • Viral disease
  • 3.2.1 Hepatitis C Viral: The first type of virus that came under study was the Hepatitis C Viral. It was the virus to study in the early part of the 1990's. It took most of our attention at that time and continued for the next twenty years. However, we wanted to determine the energy characteristics of this Hep C virus, so that we may be able to design an herbal treatment, based on the principles of Vibrational Herbal Medicine to eliminate the energy of the virus and thus eradicate it from the patients. The initial energy characteristics that were measured in any patient with Hep c viral, actually indicated the part of the virus that was active at that point in time. What was measured appeared to be as follows:

    Q (CHI) = -54

    Yn (YIN) =-40

    Yg (YANG =-40

    Ω (OMEGA) =-30

    All energy groups are negative, and as a treatment is effective, the value of the energy characteristic tends to 0. As we started treating one patient, and after several doses, per person, we discovered that the value of the energy characteristic tended to zero, but no appreciable cure was reached, it became clear that we were only measuring a small part of the active virus and that it would take many courses, depending on the efficacy of the treatment and its power to reach the desired results.

    On the other hand, the changes in the energy characteristics of the infected organ, in this case the Liver was important. As the virus becomes weaker, the energy characteristics of the Liver improve and become better.

    The energy of the Liver of an infected patient (a male) was:

    Q =-38


    Ω= -27

    While the energy of the liver for an infected patient (a female) was

    Q =-38

    Yg = -36

    Ω = -26

    What is interesting is that the female energy of the liver is Yg, while for a male it is Yn.

    During our early clinical trials of a treatment and cure, for Hep C, using the Vibrational Herbal Medicine {VHM}, we discovered that when the energy of the components of the virus (Q,Yn,Yg) became zero, this did not mean that the virus was eliminated. This only meant that this part of the virus that was active was eliminated. We wanted another method by which the elimination of the virus could be guaranteed. We discovered that some of the Hep C patients exhibited a semi constant value of the replication rate of the virus (PCR) if they had not taken any medication to provoke the virus into an active reaction, thus meaning that the virus is in steady state type of condition. That is to say, that the creation and destruction of the International units (IU) were constant over a specific period of time. This meant that, by assigning a size of a unit for the virus, a huge total of these units would describe an approximate size of the virus. If we could, in any way, determine the size of this unit, and the number of units in the virus, the size could be approximately determined. If we were able to determine, by any degree of certainty, the total number of units eliminated by each dose of the herbal mixture, we could determine the percentage of the virus eliminated. All and any one of these values were arbitrary values, and it took us until early 2015, that we came very close to determine the size of the virus that had to be eliminated [18].

    During that time we were also concerned with the strength of the virus and its power. The strength of the virus meant its size as compared to other similar viruses, but the power came to be found as something different. In our initial assumptions of the power of the Hep C virus, we assumed that it is composed of units (xxxx) X 10 to the power of 90. As we progressed in our trials, the size of the virus grew to become 900X106 X10 to the power 1080 units of (MCVS){ Major complex virus systems}. This would be the assumed number of units in the most powerful Genotype of Hep C, genotype I. Continued investigations determined a mathematical relationship among the six different Genotypes discovered for Hepatitis C Viral. The most powerful of the genotypes was number I, and the least powerful (also quite destructive) was number six. Number six contained 450X10 to the power 6 X 10 to the power 1080 {MCVS}. There also may have been some changes in the design structure of the lattice of the genotype from one to the other. It took a great deal of time to reach one cure for all six genotypes. The duration of the treatment was different for each. In the investigation of a new virus, it became imperative to determine the power of the virus first, and then its size. These will determine the strength and the time required to eliminate the entire virus.

    3.2.2 HIV Virus[15]: In the late 1990's, HIV was another Virus that troubled the medical and Pharmaceutical communities, as there was no headway in the fight to find an effective treatment, much less a cure to alleviate the sufferings of hundreds of thousands of patients facing certain and debilitating sure death. We could not directly attack the HIV virus as we could not get any useful "witness", ie, a sample of one patient. At that time we had discovered an easier way to study a virus or patients of specific viruses without fear of contamination, by using a method employed by the French scientist Chaumery, when studying the effects of Vibrational energy on live tissue.  This was modified by using a sample of the person, a strand of hair, a fingernail, a lick of saliva on a clean piece of clean paper. However, we decided to use something less troublesome: a photograph of the patient, regardless of how old or recent such a photo was. The important result is that irrelevant of the age of the photo or the person in it, it revealed accurately the current state of energy of that person.

    It now became a search for photographs of patients with HIV, who in general, and rightly so, were paranoid of being found out as carriers of one of the deadliest disease in the planet. The search for photographs yielded some that were published in some newspapers, periodicals or some investigative reporting by some courageous reporters. The patients with HIV were discriminated against, and in some countries they were completely locked up without any privileges and basically left to die. None of the patients approached to give them some of our medicine were happy, but were extremely suspicious of us and whatever they thought we represented. The photos obtained helped us to measure the energies of the HIV virus and its effect on patients, as a first step towards trying out a treatment and hopefully a cure.

    The main energy characteristics of the HIV virus were:

    Q(CHI) =50

    Yn ( YIN) =-40

    Yg (Yang) =-40

    Ω (Omega) =30

    Checking several HIV patients, the energy results were identical. This was different from the virus concept discovered for the Hep C virus. Because of the difficulty in understanding the destructive path of the disease, it appeared that since the energy characteristics of the two different viruses were different, we could not generalize that any virus should be characterized by either four energy groups negative or two positive and two negative energy groups. We tried to explain this difference in the mode of operation of the spread of the virus in the patients' bodies. One other explanation, at that time, was that the immune system may have imprinted the virus as four negative energy groups, and thus when encountering a different entity, with two positive and two negative energy groups could not mount a defense against this strange entity and therefore, could not order a defensive attack on the virus. Over these last years, we were able to offer the treatments of HIV to several patients who were willing to try our vibrational herbal medicine. This started back in 2003 and continued on and off for several years. Although theoretically, some of the energies of the patients were decreased, the actual physical results were not noticeable. This was quite intriguing, as the effects of the vibrational herbal medicine, was effective in other cases, so what was so different in this caseΩ The answer to this question was answered when we read about the Berlin Patient and how he was cured from HIV and how the viral load appeared again after some time. The photographs of the Berlin Patient(BP) were abundant and we could actually study his exact condition using our parameters and compare the results. Our analysis revealed that there was a trace of the HIV virus in the specimen of the BP. It did not appear possible that the patient was totally cured. The energy characteristics of that patient were:

    Q = 5

    Yn = -5

    Yg = -5

     Ω = 5

    The real values of all these energy groups should have been zero; ie, Q=Yn=Yg= Ω =0 to have been totally cured. At the same time there was mention of a new patient cured of HIV, in a similar way, as the BP, and that was the Mississippi Baby (MP). On checking the energy patterns of this patient, they appeared to be similar, in value, to those of the BP. Using further checks on the two patients, some of the treatment mixtures made worked with one but not on the other, this signaled that we may be dealing with two or more different virus systems. This led us to study the basic differences between the two patients and led us to discover that there are three different main complex virus systems composing the HIV virus. While component A, is the main power behind the viral load, the other two will become active eventually and another viral load will become measurable. This load is the one that falsely leads some to believe that a new infection has occurred. We were able to reexamine all of the patients that we treated over the previous 15 years to check for the presence of more than one virus system. All our research indicates that the HIV virus is composed of three main, but different, complex virus systems that produce the HIV effects in patients [7].

    4. Psoriasis

    This is one of the ailments that was introduced to me in the late 1990's, as an acquaintance was afflicted by it and I pursued the ailment with a passion. It was said that it is an incurable disease, and no one could determine what caused it. The one outstanding feature was that it came and went in bouts. The first order of business was to check what the energy characteristics of this diseaseΩ How was this energy characteristic transferred to the patientΩ How was the description of the ailment energy in the patientΩ

    Energy Characteristics of the ailment:

    Q =-40

    Yn =-40

    Yg = 40

    Ω = 0

    The patient, patient (0), whom we were treating for about 10 months, did not appear to be greatly affected by the treatment, but, after one of the treatments, he had hair growing out of his bald head. This was a side reaction that we had not anticipated. However, there were no adverse side effects. One started to speculate whether we can pursue a treatment for baldness; which we tried to do a few years later. The energy characteristics of the ailment (virus) of psoriasis, after the treatment, that he exhibited was:

    Q =-20

    Yn =-25

    Yg = 15

    Ω =1

    These were a marked difference between these values and the original values of the virus itself. This indicated a reduction in the values, meaning that the treatments had an effect, although we were not able to measure it at the beginning. Since the ailment appeared to be caused by a virus, we could not determine the type of virus at that time. Years later we became convinced that it is a virus with the energy characteristics unlike those of the regular virus ie, 4 negative energy groups. Upon further study of other psoriasis patients, basically two other patients:

    Patient (1)             Patient (2)

    Q = -30                   Q = -30

    Yn = -36                Yn = -30

    Yg = 30                  Yg = 20

    Ω = 0                      Ω = 0

    Patient (1) is a famous Hollywood celebrity who suffers from psoriasis; the other is a famous Egyptian movie star who also suffers from psoriasis. Although both have bouts with the ailment they are both under continuous treatment, but that has not stopped them from moving on with their lives. However, comparing them with patient (0), their energy characteristics were slightly worse than his, but they did not manifestly show the effects on their body. This lead us to investigate the probability of a multi- virus system, an auto immune type virus which we discovered (17) would be composed of more than one Multi complex virus system (MVCS). This started a process to discover the composition of the virus causing Psoriasis. We have now concluded that the Psoriasis virus is composed of four different complex virus systems that work together, by combining the fourth complex virus system to any one of the other three to form a Genotype of the virus causing psoriasis. From our limited observations, Complex Virus # one with Complex Virus system #4 give rise to Genotype I, while Complex Virus system #2 with Complex virus system #4 give rise to Genotype II and, finally Complex virus system # 3 with Complex virus system #4 gives rise to Genotype III which appears to be the one afflicting patient (0) and is the most powerful of the Genotypes. On further study of patient (0), CVS#3 was greatly reduced while CVS#4 was barely affected in all the treatments. We are now working on a cure for this very complicate virus.

    5.  Rheumatoid Arthritis

    A female patient, who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), was referred to me by her MD, who was an acquaintance and who was familiar with my work in Vibrational Herbal Medicine. His idea was that I may be able to help his patient since none of the chemical medicines appeared to have no effects. We discussed the condition of the patient and her long history as she was unable to move without a wheelchair and had semi total disability from her work. From our discussion, it seemed like a viral disease manifestation because of the changes over time in the condition of the patient and the non responsiveness to the various medicines administered. We examined a specimen of the patient to discover what type of energy was manifested by this disease. The energy characteristics measured were as follows:

    Q =-45

    Yn = -45

    Yg = -45

    Ω =-30

    This to us appeared to resemble the characteristics of a viral disease. The (RA) patient manifested the changes occurring in the body joints. Following are our observations of the changes of the energy characteristics of three patients who tried the Vibrational Herbal mixtures for RA, before after taking the mixtures.

    Patient one (1):

    Before                    After

    Q = -45                   Q = -25

    Yn = -39                Yn = -24

    Yg = -40                 Yg = -20

    Ω = - 28 Ω = -14

    This patient, a female of about 55 years of age, took two courses of two different RA Vibrational Herbal mixtures consecutively; each was for the duration of one month. The energy changes in the body did not appear as a reduction of the symptoms in this case, however, our previous experience with one patient, who was cured totally of the disease, indicated that some changes would occur after an extended treatment period. This cured patient was under treatment for about 10 months of different mixtures. Some of these mixtures, did not show any reaction with the patient immediately, but did so, after several months.

    Patient Two (2):

    Before                    After

     Q =-39                   Q = -20

     Yn = -38               Yn = -17

     Yg =-39                 Yg =-15

     Ω =-28                  Ω =-12

    This second patient took two different courses, each for one month, and supposedly, they supplemented each other. Although the energy characteristics of the virus in the body were reduced, as indicated by the energy count, there was no appreciable difference in the condition of the patient. There was a reduction in levels of pain and its duration, which can be construed as a reasonably positive result of this medication.

    Patient Three (3)

    Before                    After

     Q = -40                 Q =-28

    Yn = -40                Yn = -29

    Yg = -39                Yg =-28

    Ω = -30                  Ω =-18

    This patient started treatment more than eight years ago, not consecutively; however, she only took 5 different courses over that period. Some were the same as the other two patients and the same as the cured patient, and three others were different and adapted to her situation. There were minor changes in her condition due to the mixtures but not as significant as the cured patient. Patient three, although took more courses than the other two patients, and some of the mixtures taken by the cured patient, she did not react in a similar manner. In analyzing the results of the other patients, it appeared that there is an indication of differences in the virus systems in the three patients. This meant that we may have different Genotypes, of varying degrees of power. The results appeared to differ among patients, even using the same mixtures, meaning that the reaction of the mixtures was not the same for each patient.

    These differences among the treated patients led us to try to identify the different genotypes if any. Over the last three years we were able to identify the three genotypes, with their energy characteristics and were also able to determine the size of each type and treatments to fit the three types. Two years ago, a new patient number 4, presented herself. She had been diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in Montreal, Canada and had been taking all prescribed medication with no results of a cure presenting itself. My presentation explained my theories and our understanding of the disease and how to fight it.

    The patient agreed to take the mixtures as prescribed, which was Mixture RA 53, and was to eliminate all of the virus, in 30 days. The results did not come up to our expectations, and our analysis indicated that the virus is more powerful than anticipated. Mixture RA54 was designed to continue where RA 53 left off. After twenty days of treatment with RA54, the results again were not as expected, and the patient was not feeling any better. The treatment was discontinued, as the patient was in Montreal and it was difficult to send the mixtures. Our analysis showed that the patient needed to take another course of RA54 to continue the treatment and the results would improve. The third course was given to the patient two weeks ago, in Montreal and started the treatment. The results shown are the current results after the treatment.

    The fourth Patient (4)

    Before               After Course 1                     After course 2                      After course 3

    Mix RA53                             Mix RA 54                             Mix RA54

    Q = -45                  Q = - 36                                 Q = -25                                  Q =-8

    Yn = -40                Yn = - 34                               Yn = -24                                Yn =- 8

    Yg = -39                Yg= - 30                                Yg = -20                                Yg = - 6

    Ω = -29                   Ω =- 24                                 Ω = -14                                  Ω = -6

    Patient 4 was still taking the third course, but since then finished it. It is now completed. The energy of the virus is being reduced, upon our check, but we have not communicated with the patient yet. We feel confident that there will be some positive results and some noticeable improvement in the condition of the patient. However, actual results may not be to our expectations. It appears that this genotype may be a unique type of RA. This will be studied further.

    6.  Diabetes

    A diabetic patient approached us early in 1995 requesting if Vibrational Herbal Medicine may hold a cure for diabetes. The main information in the literature on diabetes was that there were two types: Type I which is insulin dependent and type II which was not insulin dependent. We could not find much information on any lead to start investigating a means to a treatment/ a cure. A general check of this patient's energy characteristic of all his glands, indicated that all of them were not generating the normal energy patterns exhibited by non-diabetic people. There seemed to be a possibility that normalization of the energy patterns of the glands may be a way in treating diabetes. Each of the affected glands was analyzed separately and a mixture was made to normalize the energy characteristics of the glands. The phase of the treatment lasted for about four months. After each batch for each gland, the energy characteristics were measured and checked against the normal values of each gland. All glands switched back to their normal levels after the period of treatment and a call from the patient indicated that he believed to have become cured of diabetes. Incredulously, I asked howΩ No one has ever been reported to have been cured of diabetes, how could you have beenΩ His reply was that for ten years he has not been able to eat the sweet delicacy "Kenafa", a sugary pastry, but now he has been eating a half kilo of the sweet daily and his sugar level has been normal and he was off his insulin shots. His condition persisted for about six weeks. He appeared free from diabetes and was eating all his sugary pastry. A month later, he informed me that his diabetes was back, but he was on pills, not on Insulin. Retracing my treatment steps, and due to slight disorganization on my part, I was not able to exactly trace the sequence or the exact mixtures that he had taken. The energy characteristics of the glands reverted back to their out of phase values after the end of the treatment.

    Our conclusion from the trial was that it may be possible to cure diabetes, but had to figure out why the cure happened in the first place and how to accomplish that again in the future. There were one or two patients who were willing to try some form of treatment for diabetes based on the results obtained with the first patient. The main thrust of the treatment was that the imbalance of energies in one or two of the glands would cause the onslaught of diabetes. Each patient was checked for energy changes in his or her gland energy characteristics and a mixture was made to balance the one or two of the glands out of balance. This procedure would take two to three months based on the commitment of the patient to the protocol of treatment and the results obtained. This phase lasted for many months for some patients and for others many more. The results ie; a reduction of the level of sugar in the blood or even some change in the course of the disease, that did not happen, except in one case with a type I patient after about three courses of treatment. After the last course he noticed a reduction in his insulin daily requirement and had to reduce the insulin shot in the morning by half. He agreed to continue taking the treatments. Continued treatments, although that changed the energy characteristics of the glands every now and then, they never persisted, as if they kept coming back to the state of imbalance. This meant that the energy characteristic imbalance may be caused by something not seen or known yet. Could it be a virus of some sortΩ The changes in the course of the diabetes, in patients, over a number of years, indicated some changes and deterioration of the patient's condition, to some extent. Could that be attributed to a virus of some sortΩ

    This question led us to try to find out if that was the case. We had been dealing with Hep C viral and studied its effects in many patients. We had discovered that there are energy characteristics attributed to the presence of the virus in a Hep C patient. Could that be the case with diabetic patientsΩ Studies of several diabetic patients revealed that there was an energy signature for diabetes in patients, but it was not the signature like that of Hep C but rather similar in some ways to that of HIV, an autoimmune disease. Would that mean that diabetes is an autoimmune diseaseΩ Although the similarity between HIV and diabetes was in the fact that each exhibited two positive and two negative energy characteristics, these characteristics did not coincide. At that point, sometime in early 2000, we applied for a copyright that diabetes is actually caused by a virus based on our conclusions at that time.

    To clarify that, HIV gave the following energy signatures:

    Q = 40

    Yn =-40

    Yg =-40

    Ω =30

    While diabetes gave the following energy signatures:

    Q =-40

    Yn =36

    Yg =36

    Ω =-30

    Both ailments did not indicate similar characteristics except in the fact that both did not follow the conventional description of a virus in Vibrational Herbal Medicine. This became clear when in 2016, we discovered that HIV contains, and is formed of three different Complex Virus systems that contain the HIV Virus. This tended to explain the deviation from the conventional virus configuration that we had discovered earlier. It became clear that the diabetes virus may contain more than one main virus group. This also explained why there was little progress in the fight against diabetes as we were concentrating on the fact that it contained one virus. All our attempts previously were to eliminate the virus. Later, it became evident that we had to identify which group of viruses we were targeting. It appeared that each mixture we designed to work with a different virus group that may or may not affect the functions of the viruses. We worked for several months to be able to identify 9 different virus groups contained in the diabetes virus. Each one was of equal power in the main virus, but appeared to work on one or two objectives besides preventing the pancreas from producing insulin. There appears to be, from our initial findings, five different types of diabetes and not the famous type I and Type II. These need to be studied further as a combination of four different virus groups determined the type of diabetes. Some are similar to type I,  and others similar to type II or combination of the two. We labeled the nine different CVS from no.1 through 9. From a short study of several diabetic patients, type I diabetes is caused by the activity of  CVS numbers  4, 7, 8 and 9. While type II, which I have, was composed of CVS  numbers  4, 5, 8 and 9.  I have been working on eliminating each one of these CVS separately, but am now trying to find a cure for each type identified, by eliminating the basic four active CVS in the type.

    7. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    This ailment was studied separately and the results were published in "New York Science Journal" This resulted in categorizing MS as a simple virus [17].


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