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Archives of Clinical and Medical Case Reports is an open access, peer reviewed Journal with rapid publication process. The aim of the journal is to provide an excellent platform for scientists and medical specialties to update a database of new case reports in the field of Clinical and Medical to provide best practice.

Archives of Clinical and Medical case reports covers the major topics like case reports in Internal Medicine, Hepatology, Microbiology, Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Physical Medicine, Surgical Oncology, Family Medicine, Cancer case reports, Pulmonology and other surgery reports.

Archives of Clinical and Medical case reports focused exclusively on any original case report, clinical and medical case reports, case series, clinical and medical reviews, clinical images, clinical and medical research letters that expands knowledge in the field of clinical and medical.

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Latest Articles

Case Report Open Access Pages: 65 - 67 Ireland

A Middle Age Woman with the Episodes of Excruciating Pain in the Neck and Ear

A middle aged woman presented with episodes of excruciating pain in right side of neck and right ear. The pain was episodic and each episode lasting for few seconds. Multiple doses of NSAIDs, steroids and morphine had no effect over the intensity and frequency of pain...Read More

Case Report Open Access Pages: 68 - 74 Turkey

A Case with Tumor, Tuberculosis and Chylothorax

Chylothorax is a rare clinical condition caused by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the pleural space. Chylothorax often results in thoracic trauma and malignant obstruction. More rare causes are tuberculosis, infanjiomiyomatosis, venous thrombosis, congenital l...Read More

Case Report Open Access Pages: 82 - 89 Colombia

Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria and Severe Dengue Coinfection in a Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patient: Case Report and Literature Review

Malaria and dengue are the most prevalent vector-borne infections in the world. The clinical manifestations of the two pathologies are similar which may complicate the diagnosis of concurrent dengue and malaria. Coinfection causes a clinical picture of greater severit...Read More

Research Article Open Access Pages: 90 - 100 China

The Surgical Treatment of Lumbar Brucellar Spondylitis Byposterior Approach

Objective: This study investigate the effect of surgical treatment of lumbar spondylitis, which used posterior approach to remove the lesion, graft the bone between transverse process and used nail rod system to make Internal fixation.

Methods: From February 2011 to April 2017, 62 cases o...Read More

Case Report Open Access Pages: 101 - 105 Australia

A Case of Large Gastric Trichobezoar: Case Report and Review of Literature

Trichobezoars are concretions of swallowed hair retained within the digestive tract, most commonly the stomach. They predominate in young females during childhood and adolescence and are usually associated with psychiatric illness. These usually develop insidiously an...Read More

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